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4 Tips to prepare for the Black Fiveday Week 2019

This year, Black Friday in the US falls on November 29, 2019. While you still have a bit of time before then, it’s always wise to prepare your digital marketing campaigns beforehand since Black Fiveday will consume most of the web traffic from sales, crazy deals, and other shopping-related stress. This seasonal is not just happening in the US but also from bargain-hungry shoppers outside America. Here are my tips to help get the most of the Black Fiveday week sales.

1. Adjust your mobile bids and timings.

This is the most basic but often forgotten by most marketers, especially paid or social ads. The last thing we don’t want to see is our ad not appearing for our target keywords during the peak period. To increase brand awareness and maximize opportunity, implementing ad scheduling and device bid adjustments to your paid campaigns can help you target efficiently on conversions that matter. People, especially shoppers during this time, would conveniently buy online rather than going to physical stores. It is best to utilize structured data snippets or Google shopping features to list specific deals and capture your user’s journey with remarketing campaigns.

2. Would SEO be effective especially if it’s Black Fiveday?

The answer is big fat YES! You can use e-commerce tactic called Holiday SEO is the strategy that you can use especially for large-scale promotions and deals that target searches like deals, promotions, bargains, etc. that are commonly searched in Google.  Promotional infographics, and five-minute videos are the assets that can attract new users and engagement right away especially when you have a huge fan base.

3. Social Media is the Key

When you wake up in the morning, is having a toothbrush the first you do or check your Facebook newsfeed? It’s a question that comes in my mind especially if I want a make a clear discussion to my clients the importance of social media to their campaigns.

Aside from Paid search, Social media is a secret sauce that you will tap into to especially a seasonal campaign like the Black Fiveday Weekend, new features such as Facebook live video and Instagram stories will help you get most of the traffic since it notifies your followers that you are launching a story or live video. Influencers use this tactic nowadays to inform their followers about new content that they will be publishing.

4. Don’t forget about Email automation

Email automation is your best friend for seasonal marketing campaigns such as Black Friday because it helps notify your loyal customers from your mailing list to prepare for upcoming deals and bargains that will spark interest to your followers. Integrate your SEO holiday content and SEM landing pages into your email strategy to drive more conversions.

Key takeaway: Digital marketing is about testing and implementing what you’ve researched and measure its effectiveness through engagement and the buyer’s journey. It is best not to focus on one marketing channel and figure out creative campaigns that work better for your content.

It’s an honor to be part of Feedonomics Expert Series to share my views about Black Fiveday Weekend, click here for more.


My inspiration for this is article is 
from this post from Washington Post about Black Fiveday week sale. 
Site: www.washingtonpost.com
Author: Rachel Siegel 
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I was also part of a post with Feedonomics sharing 
my tactics together with Natalia Zaugg and Kevin Raske