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How To Get Your Business Ready For Voice Search?

‘Okay Google, what is the weather today?’

Spotting a voice search is more common than you think. Although the concept seems quite unreal and more of a sci-fi fiction thing, voice-enabled technology is making it big in the online world. Think about it – performing a search on the internet using a voice command only; it sounds interesting already, right? 

If typing in a search query is not your thing, voice search is rightly your best aid. It is convenient and fun. When one can get hands-on information using voice command, it is undeniably engaging. ‘ENGAGEMENT’ – this is the keyword you must zero in on when running a business online. 

You must jump into the bandwagon and learn more about voice search. Voice technology is a revolution one cannot risk skipping out on. Remember, most of your potential clients are keeping up with the trend. Why not you? So, let’s delve deep and learn about the necessary steps to get your business ready for voice search. 

Few crucial steps to follow: 

1. Stick to content that is voice ready – When there is a voice query, results (content) can show up from a variety of source pages. However, most common are those pages that feature content written in a conversational style. Neglecting the use of keyword is a big ‘NO,’ but one must structure sentences using natural language along-with the targeted keywords. Do you want your website content to show up right at the top when there is a voice search? Great! Your content will surface when you include a featured snippet. 

2. Channel your efforts right to hit the spot – Are you 100% satisfied with your current digital marketing strategy? If not, then you are not doing it right. A key to writing conversational content is to ensure that there is a good use of long-tail keywords, specific keywords (relevant to your niche), and generic terms as well. Stop and brainstorm on the most relevant keywords. Remember, content is pivotal. So, to enjoy the increased brand value and business prospects, start with useful content that appeals to your readers and potential customers. 

3. Keep a check on your online reputation – There’s a good reason why online reputation management is a sought-after career opportunity. Maintaining a good business profile is imperative, particularly if you are a novice in the field. Having a not-so-good online reputation will not just cut-back your search engine ranking but will cast an awful impact on your voice search rankings too. Go ahead and ask your clients to post some positive reviews and testimonials, based on their experiences. If you are starting new in the field of online business, you must sign up for My Google Business Listing. Try and maintain a track record of 4 stars and more for better recognition. 

4. Know more about knowledge-graph – Knowledge graphs keep changing, and when in business, you must be aware of these changes. One must focus on data partnerships, as well. Wikipedia, for instance, is a website that draws in high volumes of traffic. People are looking for relevant answers on such a site. So, if information about your business is spilled on this site, you must ensure that every little detail is correctly mentioned. 


Voice search is definitely a need of the hour. With some awareness about the do’s and don’ts and implementation of techniques, mastering ways to get your business ready for voice search is easier done than thought.