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Nofollow Gets Updated By Google

Now and then, Google has been updating its search guidelines when it comes to search engine rankings. But just recently, a new update that considers Nofollow links as part of the total link count to boost website rankings. Here are a few essential details you need to know about this current change.

What is a Nofollow Link?

A Nofollow link is a hyperlink or an HTML that has a rel=”nofollow” tag. Initially, this type of link has no effects or influences on the search engine rankings of the website that the link points to. This happens because Google doesn’t give any PageRank or even crawl them.

Key takeaways – Nofollow links tell search engines not to follow links tagged with rel=”nofollow”. Oftentimes, Nofollow links are placed in paragraphs or comment sections as a way to prevent link spammers from getting link incentives or in the SEO world, we call it “link juice”.

Does Google still count Nofollow links as “Ignore”?

Nowadays, it does not. After 15 years, Google made new updates on the tag. As of  September 10, 2019, they now consider Nofollow as a hint, which means it will decide whether the link is important for rankings or not.

Google also introduces new nofollow tags – UGC and SPONSORED. These new attributes give value to nofollow links that tells search engine robots with its purpose below.

  • UGC stands for user-generated content. It means that people are placing links to content on a website.
  • Sponsored links are given to webmasters who sell links to advertisers.

If you have noticed the changes, then the current search quality updates are now affecting how your website ranks on search engines. So when you previously have links from sites that only tag links as “nofollow”, they will have positive and negative effects based on the new rules.

How valuable are no follow links for SEO rankings?

Now that Google has decided to include nofollow links in the link count, it gives webmasters a bigger chance to have their websites rank well on search engines. Even if it’s a “rel nofollow” wordpress, Google may consider the link for ranking purposes. Besides SEO rankings, the recent update also impacts link building, content marketing, internet marketing, and even link spamming.

What are the benefits of “No-Follow” linking?

Aside from boosting rankings on search engines, nofollow linking has other benefits that you should know. These are the following:

  • It helps build awareness and credibility – two significant factors that help you thrive in the industry of internet marketing.
  • Nofollow linking generates referral traffic, which can be an advantage for your site.
  • As per Google, if it finds the nofollow link relevant, then the destination pages will certainly make improvements in rankings as well.